Since January 2020, the Geraldine Connor Foundation have been working with twenty Romanian girls at Leeds City Academy, supporting them to organise and deliver a musical performance to promote their heritage and culture.

GCF Creative Associate Artist Christella Litras has been working with the girls individually in regular singing lessons at school. They are developing their voice through song writing and performance as well as sharing the music that is an important part of their home-life and culture.

The performance event will be co-produced by the young people, Leeds City Academy and the Geraldine Connor Foundation. The event will use music and the arts to celebrate who they are as young women living in the UK with Romanian heritage. We will welcome the Roma community into school to share the experience. This project is giving the girls an opportunity to explore, question and understand their heritage through music, to be proud of their culture, confident in their identity, educate their peers and involve their families in school life.

Watch this space for more information about the performance!

This project is funded by the Pears Foundation Youth Fund.


Images © Sally Molineaux