Walking down Mabgate, it is almost impossible not to notice the impressive mural that decorates the wall of number 93. In 2020, the original artists are reuniting to restore the mural to its former glory. Read their story here…

In 1987 the owner of 93 Mabgate, David Kinsgsley, asked Rod Wells - an art teacher at nearby Primrose Hill High School - if he could organise something to brighten up the gable wall of his property.

This led to the appointment of Janet de Wagt, a community artist from New Zealand, who worked with 6 pupils from the school. They came up with ideas for the tableaux that were meaningful to them and their lives.

The mural has lasted well but needs repainting. Local historian Robert Dyson decided to try and reunite the original team of artists to carry out the restoration and repainting. He contacted Janet who was very keen to turn back the clock and come to Leeds to oversee the repainting.

On the 16th October 2019 all except one of the original team met up. It was an emotional meeting where all the students (now in their late 40s) showed their huge love, respect and gratitude to the art teacher “Mr Wells”, who clearly had an enormous influence on their lives.

We are now in the process of securing finance to carry out the work in the summer of 2020, with all except one of the original team participating in the project. As well as brightening up Mabgate, the mural and its restoration will be used as a teaching tool for students at MAP Charity.

We need your help to make this happen. This is a wonderful example of a community coming together to produce a piece of community art that is still being looked after decades after its creation. We are asking for donations to go towards the cost of restoring the mural, something that will continue to put Mabgate on the map and bring communities together.