Voices are a Leeds-based community choir that combine big hearts, big voices and a love of singing. 

The choir meet every week with their musical director Christella Litras. They have continued to rehearse online throughout the lockdown and have created a valuable source of community and connection throughout a difficult time. 

Voices operate on a Pay As You Feel basis: the membership fee is £5 per week but they want to be as inclusive as possible and won't turn anyone away due to lack of money. 

Voices need your help.

To continue holding rehearsals Voices are in need of support. They want to be able to offer membership to anyone, regardless of income, but need to meet their core costs and are currently struggling to do so. 

Voices has enriched my life in so many ways. We sing for the joy of it.  The weekly rehearsal always leaves me uplifted. This is one of the kindest, friendliest and most supportive groups of people I know and I would be lost without it.

Why donate?

  • Singing improves a sense of happiness and wellbeing 
  • Choirs encourage social bonding - social connections are vitally important for maintaining our health
  • You will be helping to keep a community alive
  • You will be supporting Leeds-based musicians 

Just £5 could pay for one member to attend a weekly session who cannot afford to pay for it themselves. 

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Thank you for your support.