May 2016

18 May 2016

Another Succesful Ambassadors meeting

THURSDAY 5TH May 16, marked our second GCF Ambassadors group gathering/meeting. The group is aimed at giving past, present and future participants an opportunity to have their voices heard.

Our most recent session was at Studio 12 Located in Leeds Central Library, which is one of the cities hidden gems be sure to check it out here

The session saw us turn our attention towards the up an coming Creative Café Workshops due to run each Thursday from 16th June until 21st July. The initial focus for this 6 week period was be to explore self expression and identity, through spoken word and visual media. However, one of the interesting and most significant things about our ambassadors discussion, was that if we are dealing with self expression and identity, then participants should be free to engage with this subject matter in whatever way they like, by writing a song , dancing or putting together a 3-5 minute stand- up comedy set.Whatever they do it should be about them expressing themselves!!

An excellent point…

Which proves exactly why our GCF ambassadors Group is important, and is exactly why we invite you to come along to theses session. To give us your opinion, share your thoughts and for us to get to know who you are and what you want better.

Other points discussed in our meeting where:

  • Why people across the generations are interested in identity and self expression more than ever.
  • How we show different facets of our personality depending on the situation.
  • What shapes our identity and expression of self.

Then to top it all off we had an amazing portraits workshop with Claire the Studio 12 Librarian who helped us to capture some amazing images. some of which are featured right here in this blog.

Our next GCF ambassadors group will be on Thursday 1stSeptember, for more details coming soon.