October 2016

7 October 2016

GCF New Communications Intern


Hello my name is Kathleen and I’m the new Communications Intern here at the Geraldine Connor Foundation. I’ll be here for the next 6 months thanks to the Creative Employment Programme, which helps unemployed people aged 16-24 to find paid internships in the Arts.

Kathleen Helm
Kathleen Helm

This week has been hectic to say the least. My first day was a whirlwind of heavy lifting and office design as we switched the office around to fit the growing team. As I write this I’m sat at my new clean white desk, (complete with obligatory office plant) and slowly but surely I’m starting to feel at home.
I’ll be spending a lot of time at this desk keeping you all up to date on what we do here at the foundation. Fortunately, I’ve been lucky to find an amazing team for my first professional role who have been generous and patient with me whilst I get to grips with everything.

Last night, I got my first true taste of the Foundation at the launch of this Autumn’s Creative Café on Singing, Song-writing and Performance, with the outstanding Caution Collective.
I was unsure of what to expect but entering with an open mind I was overwhelmed by the experience which was far exceeded anything I could have hoped for. The atmosphere within the room was exciting, engaging but above all welcoming and the two hours spent with a group of strangers laughing, playing and being creative flew by all too soon. Coming from a musical background myself the workshop lifted my spirits and I went home with melodies buzzing around my head. Everybody at the session brought their own uniqueness and over the workshop I witnessed as the group opened up and blossomed. I can’t wait to see where everybody is in 6 weeks’ time and look forward to meeting more new talents next week.

I hope we can reach many more people over the coming months and share these amazing experiences. Hopefully, you’ve noticed that within the last week the Foundation has been more active on Facebook and Twitter, which is one of my key focuses in my time here (see the links above). I’ll also be blogging frequently and keeping in touch with all our supporters via email as well as updating the website and doing some design work.

I’d like to thank everybody at the Geraldine Connor Foundation for this opportunity, the Creative Café really showed me the influence that Geraldine had and inspired me to do as much as I can in my time here. But enough talk- time to get to it!