December 2016

31 December 2016

Wrapping Up 2016!

It’s been a whirlwind of a year here at the Geraldine Connor Foundation and we can’t wait to announce the exciting projects coming up in 2017 (Don’t forget to sign up to the GCF Insider for sneak peaks!)


In March this year we welcomed our wonderful new Director, Selina McGonagle. Whilst In the summer we collaborated with Sarah Sarhandi for the Both Universe project.

We successfully delivered three Creative Café’s; performance and film with ChickenShop Shakespeare, monologues with writer and Creative Associate Zodwa Nyoni and most recently Singing and Songwriting with Caution Collective

At our Creative Lab Summer School, our Creative Associate Artists and young people has a brilliant time researching new ideas for Forest Dreaming.

Last but not least, we established the Creative Associates consultation group, who have met twice this year to discuss our future artistic projects, as well as the Ambassadors group, a group of dedicated young people who help to ensure out work remains relevant and interesting.


Much of our work this year will contribute to our exciting plans for 2017. Make sure you’re the first to know by signing up to the GCF Insider!

Happy New Year! 


wth Caution Collective Autumn 2016
wth Caution Collective Autumn 2016

wth Caution Collective Autumn 2016

8 December 2016

Collaborating for a Creative 2017! Creative Associates meeting

On Wednesday 7th December the Creative Associates of the Geraldine Connor Foundation met to discuss the next year of Artistic programming here at the Geraldine Connor Foundation.

The Creative Associates are a team of practicing artists who contribute to the foundation’s workshops and events. Our rich pool of talent features Bafta Winners, Award winning writers,  Carnival legends and much more, all of whom had a personal connection with Geraldine and dedicate their time to continue her legacy.

Over Mince pies and tea we reminisced about Carnival Messiah and memories of Geraldine whilst discussing our exciting (but top secret!) plans for next year.We’re looking forward to a year of intense collaboration, nostalgia and working with our participants more closely to develop their individual artistic journeys.

It’s going to be an amazing year and we can’t wait to reveal all. Stay tuned!


Participant's and Artist's from the Creative Lab 2016