June 2018

28 June 2018

Our Work Experience at GCF, Kesh & Kenya

GCF work experience 2018

Hello all, this is Kesh and Kenya here.

We have been fortunate enough to have been given the opportunity to do work experience with the Geraldine Connor Foundation this week.

We decided to do our work experience at the Foundation as it gave us the chance to explore how different art forms can have an impact on individuals and bring about many opportunities. We were introduced to this placement by GCF Creative Associate, Christella Litras, as she believed that this placement would give us both a chance to explore our interests. We have both learnt many new skills during our placement at the Foundation, including social skills and communication, independence, teamwork and leadership.

We’ve participated in many tasks during the week. On Saturday, we helped out with a performance at Room 700, Leeds Central Library called ‘Sorrel & Black Cake’, assisting audience members to their seats. We also had the opportunity to have our input on an October half term activity week for ages 8 -16. We both came up with a theme for this activity week which we decided will be about heritage, ethnicity and culture as GCF’s work is centred around culture. Activities including drama, dance, singing, music and poetry would be offered to those who attended and would lead up to a show at the end of the week in which participants will present all of the activities and tasks that they have learned during the week.

In the future we would definitely be interested in pursuing a career similar to GCF and would advise others to get involved too.