20 March 2019

My Work Experience at GCF – Charles

Sixteen year old Charles was given the opportunity to do a week of work experience at GCF. A budding actor, we asked Charles to explore what acting means to him, where he sees his talents taking him in the future, and to research what opportunities there are in Leeds for young actors to gain more experience. Here’s what he came up with…

I’ve always loved watching movies and TV shows, and it gave me a desire to act in front of a camera. Acting is an art, an art of impersonating characters and making them come to life. Actors can build a character in many different ways such in method acting, imitating the character’s habits so that in a movie, they are more realistic and will have a convincing body language. Actors sometimes have to train for a role and have to learn how to play an instrument or do sports for a role. Show business is hard work and a lot of effort but despite that, it’s still an interesting profession that will keep any movie fan like me excited.

To be an actor, I need to focus on gaining as much experience as possible in both categories (screen and stage). I currently study acting in IPM acting school and aim to continue my studying in performing arts in college and apply for a drama-based University. Outside education I need to go to auditions – as many as possible until I’m used to it and can do better next time.

Leeds has many opportunities for 16+ year olds like me who are interested in taking part in acting. Theatres are always holding auditions, there are acting schools that are always open to new people. It’s really simple to find these, all it takes is a few clicks on Google. Theatres like Leeds Playhouse, the Carriageworks Theatre and RJC Dance all have opportunities for young actors to perform. If young students are interested in just doing film acting instead of stage acting, they can go to acting schools like IPM, YAFTA and ActUpNorth.