My House Application Form

My House is a paid opportunity for young people aged 18-24. This project is about exploring responses to Harewood House and using creativity to communicate ideas. By the end of the project we will have created an artistic response to the house and grounds.

The origins of Harewood’s wealth means it is a place which brings out many challenging emotions and differing opinions. The land on which Harewood House stands was bought by Henry Lascelles in 1738 using a fortune built from the Transatlantic slave trade. Profits made through the exploitation of Africans brought to the West Indies as enslaved people, were later used by his son, Edwin Lascelles, to build and furnish the house.

Working as a team, 10 young people with support from artists and an artistic facilitator will jointly express and realise a creative response to Harewood House. We aim to create a safe supportive space, to communicate, collaborate and create.

If you would like to take part in My House, please fill in this form, or email [email protected] if you would like to apply via another format, i.e. via video.
The form must be completed in one go - you cannot save your progress halfway through and come back at a later date.
You will need about 30 minutes to type into this application form, as well as time to answer the 3 detailed questions.
The best way to complete this form is to write the 3 long answers (*) into a word document and save it until you are ready to complete the whole application form.

The deadline for applications is Friday 3rd September 2021 at 11:59pm.

We will let you know the outcome of your application by Monday 27th September 2021.

Personal details
Application questions

Helpful hints:
Answering the long questions:
• make sure you save this as you work on it
• use the spell check
• read your sentences to check they make sense
• we like shorter sentences better than very long ones
• when you are finished, copy and paste one answer at a time into the correct box on the application form

These are key things we will look for in your application. What you say about these will help us decide how suitable you are for the project.
1. Passionate: we are looking for people who feel strongly about the things they care about and believe in, someone who is keen to make a difference.
2. Creative thinker/problem solver: we are looking for people who are open minded and keen to think about things in new ways.
3. Team player: we need people who can listen to others and work together to find solutions.
4. Curious: we want people who are keen to understand more and challenge typical ways of thinking or doing things.
5. Enthusiastic: we are interested in people who will be an active participant and has a positive attitude, someone who shows interest in the things that they do.
6. Responsible: we want people who stick to their commitments, are fair to their peers and accept the consequences of their actions.

What to write.
• Try to write at least 150 words in each answer but no more than 300 per answer.
• We use these answers to learn a bit about you and to see why you might be a good person for this project. Try to sell yourself to us - tell us why you would be a great choice to be part of this project.

Why do you want to be a part of My House? Guidance for answering the questions.

*What interests you about this project, which bit sounds particularly good to you and why?
What is your understanding of the project, what do you think you’ll learn or do? What do you think you could bring to this project? (Any ideas: how do you approach new things, how do you generate ideas, have you done anything before that might help you on this project?)

*What are your strengths:
What do you do well? What do other people say you do well? (Are you good at speaking in front of people, planning and organising, making links? Do you work well in teams, are you a natural leader, do you sing, act, or write poetry?) Be confident and tell us which things you do well and how this links to this project.

*What are you passionate about:
What do you love doing? Can you explain why? If it makes you feel good - tell us. Which things do you feel naturally motivated to do? If you can link them to this project it will really help us see if you are a good fit for My House.

Have you read all the dates you will need to attend to be part of this project? What examples can you give of you committing to things in the past? Can you think of examples of how you work (enthusiastic, passionate etc) that show you will be committed to the whole project?

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