Geraldine Connor, our namesake, was a friend to many, an inspiration to all and a force to be reckoned with on many occasions.

This year we are celebrating the 69th birthday of Geraldine (22nd March 1952), the 14-year anniversary of Carnival Messiah at Harewood House (14th-30th September 2007) and the 9th year of the Geraldine Connor Foundation (18th December 2012).

We’d to invite you to join us in celebrating the life and work of Geraldine Connor.

So, send us your thoughts, love, photos, videos or original art, be it a poem or a painting. Then join us online on the 22nd March to send a big shout out up to the sky to show that we are #RememberingGeraldine

To make a contribution, please email [email protected]

Please ensure that all original work or media is properly credited, please include your full name and relation to Geraldine, then on the 22nd you can expect to see your contribution online on our Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram.

Don’t forget to retweet and reshare with the hashtag #RememberingGeraldine