Creative Café sessions are designed to give people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities the opportunity to explore the arts, be creative and have fun.

Our initial series of sessions ran from October until December 2015, with a showcase event in Feburary 2016. The sessions were lead by the very talented GCF associate company Chicken Shop Shakespeare. Participants where given the opportunity to use the Chicken Shop formula and produce their very own Shakespearean monologue to camera.

If you are interested in taking part in Creative Café workshops please contact us at

For those who took part this time please be sure to give us your feedback and share the work with family and friends. Enjoy…



Shot, Edited and Produced by – Lladel Bryant

Special thanks to: Tanya Vital, Tyron Maynard & Shane Welsh



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Instagram- @csshakespeare

Martelle Edinborough - A Midsummer Nights Dream - A5 S2
Brian Taylor - A Midsummer Nights Dream - A3 S2
Gina Tavares - A Midsummer Night Dream - A2 S1
Melissa Bennett - A Midsummer Night Dream - A3 S1

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