A big thank you to all the participants and artists for being so generous in their sharing of ideas during the Creative Lab 2016.

The Creative Lab was an intensive week of exploration in music, theatre and dance.  Professional artist’s, semi professional creative’s, students and young people with a passion for performing, helped GCF in the process of creating a new production.

It was hard work for all involved and required everyone to be brave, open and honest.  Everyone contributed to the creative process and we are now considering how to move these ideas forward.

We had a fabulous week together and I look forward to more workshops in the near future.

As always Leeds City College has been a major supporter of our work. Thank you.

Artists & Participants

Pat Cumper, Dominique Le Gendre, Christella Latras, Khadijah Ibrahiim, Claudio Kron, Zodwa Nyoni and Lladel Bryant.

Ginalda Tavares, Manuel, Jervai Buchanan, Akiem Buck, Martelle Edinborough, Josephine Mensha, Halima Mir- France, Taysia Niles, Stan Owens, Darren Phillips, Sky Portman, Becky Mbuyi.


Highlights from the Creative Lab 2016