We are proud to announce that the Geraldine Connor Foundation is a conference partner for the Leeds Carnival Conference. 

Ths international Conference is a celebration of Leeds West Indian Carnival’s 50th anniversary and the development of a Carnival Cultures research strand at the Centre for Culture and the Arts. It is extremely timely; despite the 50 years that British Caribbean communities have brought carnival, their major artistic creation, with its highly significant cultural history, into the public life of the UK, there is little scholarship on this topic in cultural studies, in history, or in literary/drama studies.


The Geraldine Connor Foundation will be present to commemorate 10 years since ‘Carnival Messiah’ was performed at Harewood House, including never before seen footage of the event and news on the foundation’s current work. 

For more information about the conference and to book your tickets please follow the link at the top of this page.


Photo: Diane Howse — with Lindo Nkomo
Carnival Messiah 2007 Photo: Diane Howse