The Geraldine Connor Foundation (GCF) is a registered charity, established in 2012 to continue the work and vision of Geraldine Connor by bringing people together through arts and culture.

We provide global perspectives across many artforms including music, theatre, dance, spoken word poetry and visual arts. We reach around 800 young people every year through projects that include workshops, performances and mentoring programmes.

GCF plays a crucial role in mentoring young people with serious artistic hopes, helping them crystallise their ambitions and then supporting them to access further professional support or artistic development with appropriate organisations. Many former participants are now practicing professionals, performing or working nationally and internationally.

GCF plays a crucial role in mentoring young people with serious artistic hopes.


GCF is an ambitious arts organisation that nurtures new work and talent and celebrates cultural forms from across the world in a collaborative and supportive environment.

Our work brings together different art forms and practitioners. We aim to develop confidence, resilience and other personal and social skills while challenging all participants to achieve excellence in everything they do. Inclusion is at the heart of our ethos and we provide opportunities in the arts to everyone, especially those who might not be able to participate otherwise.

Our Artistic Principles

GCF is growing out of vibrant and diverse alliances. We value all forms of artistic practice from all cultures as equally interesting and distinctive.

Our projects layer talent and expertise, providing a space for mutually beneficial learning for all involved.

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If you would like to view any of our policies and procedures, please contact Selina McGonagle ([email protected]).