We recognise that the creative needs of communities and individuals change all the time, and so our projects come in all shapes and sizes. Whether we are working on a theatre performance, weekly skills workshops, or one-to-one mentoring schemes, Geraldine’s ethos remains at the heart of everything we do:

  • Involve people from all walks of life
  • Build respectful and supportive relationships
  • Embrace challenges with optimism
  • Maintain high artistic quality.

As a registered charity (charity no. 1156982), we have a number of charitable aims. These are:

  • To continue the work and vision of Geraldine Connor in advancing the development and education of individuals in the arts and culture, and thereby developing professional and life skills, encouraging and nurturing new work and talent, and encouraging and promoting equality, diversity, empowerment and inclusion in society through the arts.
  • To provide opportunities in the arts that might not otherwise be available for talented individuals.
  • To advance the development of young people looking for guidance in the performing arts, in particular (but not exclusively) by giving them the opportunity to experience, participate and learn from projects engaging with Caribbean culture through the performing arts.

We are developing every day and remain open to all creative possibilities. Whatever shape and form our work takes, we endeavour to stay true to Geraldine’s ethos and positively impact the individuals and communities with which we work.

We will continue to work with people from all cultures and backgrounds to develop skills, confidence, and resilience, and to create opportunities in the arts.