We have 13 ready-made lesson plans to help you teach a lesson about Carnival. They are aimed at KS2 pupils but could be adapted to suit your needs. 

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Lesson Year Group Curriculum Links Key Points Resources from the Carnival Learning Resource and websites
1. A Caribbean Cruise Y5/6 ICT 1b. how to prepare information for development using ICT, including selecting suitable sources, finding
information, classifying it and checking it for accuracy (for example, finding information from books or

What are the riches of Carnival? 

Islands of the Caribbean

2. It's Carnival time! Y5/6 " What is Carnival? Islands of the Caribbean
3. A Recipe for Carnival Y3/4 Primary Framework for Literacy Year 3 Non-fiction Unit 2 – Instructions
9. Creating and shaping texts: Make decisions about form and purpose, identify success criteria and use them
to evaluate their writing

How do we write clear instructions? 

What makes a great Carnival?


A Recipe for Carnival

4. Hot, hot, hot! Y5/6 QCA Music Unit 19 - Songwriter: exploring lyrics and melody
Children should learn what is meant by the term ‘lyrics’ and how they can reflect the time and place in which
they were written
How do we create the
mood for a great carnival?
Carnival! CDROM
Carnival! Resource sheet 1
5. It's playtime - with my words? Y5/6 Geography 2. In developing geographical skills, pupils should be taught to use appropriate geographical
vocabulary (for example, temperature, transport, industry)
What are the influences that
make us who we are?
A Mixture of Cultures
6. Carnival in my tummy! Y2 QCA Science Unit 2A - Health and growth.: Children should learn that we eat different kinds of food
QCA Geography Unit 24 - Passport to the world: Children should learn the location of other places
What are our favourite
Carnival! Resource sheet 2
7. Great Thunderer or Miss Mighty? Y6 Primary Framework for Literacy Year 6 Literacy Revision Unit 2 - Objectives: Creating and shaping texts:
• In non-narrative, establish, balance and maintain viewpoints
• Select words and language drawing on their knowledge of literary features and formal and informal writing
Developing empathy
through role-play.

Plantation Life

Camboulay & Mardi Gras

8 & 9. Plantation Life Y5/6 Primary Framework for Literacy - Learning objectives for Years 5 and 6
Reflect on how working in role helps to explore complex issues
Improvise using a range of drama strategies and conventions to explore themes such as hopes,
fears and desires

How does the way we treat
each other affect others?

How can we share a story
and highlight just the main

Plantation Life
10. It's fun being a dragon! Y1/20 PE 1. Pupils should be taught to:
a. explore basic skills, actions and ideas with increasing understanding
b. remember and repeat simple skills and actions with increasing control and coordination.
How many different ways
can we move in?
11. Dragon head Y1/2 Art and Design - Investigating and making art, craft and design
2. Pupils should be taught to investigate the possibilities of a range of materials and processes, try out tools
and techniques and apply these to materials and processes, including drawing
Choosing materials to create
a dragon headdress
Carnival! CDROM extract 3:05 to 3:12
12. Quite a Character Y3/4 Art and Design 2. Pupils should be taught to:
a. investigate and combine visual and tactile qualities of materials and processes and to match these
qualities to the purpose of the work
b. apply their experience of materials and processes, including drawing, developing their control of tools
and techniques
c. use a variety of methods and approaches to communicate observations, ideas and feelings, and to design
and make images and artefacts
Creating a carnival character
by choosing from a range of
Carnival! Costume templates
13. Let's play - with words Y5/6 Primary Framework for Literacy
Adapt non-narrative forms and styles to write fiction or factual texts, including poems
In non-narrative, establish, balance and maintain viewpoints
How do we create different
moods with words?
Carnival Learning Resource

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