This is your history; you be the guide.

Aire to There is an ongoing project where 10 selected participants, aged 16 - 24, explore the local and international history of the Leeds Waterfront, uncover hidden stories and use their voice to guide others by creating audio tracks for walking and boat tours.

Led by Asher Jael and supported by historical researchers and Aire Ambassadors, the young people are picking the route, selecting the stories and performing the audio for the tours. This will be launched to the public in the Autumn with an outdoor event and exhibition as well as the audio walk being downloadable online.

Aire to There is presented through the partnership of Ignite Yorkshire, IVE, Heritage Corner, Canal Connections and the Geraldine Connor Foundation.

Aire to There it has been a great opportunity for the participants to:

  • Develop skills in communication, research and audio technology
  • Gain paid experience in the cultural, creative heritage sector
  • Discover hidden histories
  • Meet and work with other young people interested in history, arts and creativity
  • Voice their perspective
  • Shape the story of their city

This work is supported with funding from Leeds Inspired, part of Leeds City Council and National Lottery Heritage Fund through their Kick The Dust programme and is part of a Yorkshire wide youth project – Ignite Yorkshire. Ignite Yorkshire has a mission to ignite a revolution in how Yorkshire’s industrial heritage is viewed, enjoyed and looked after by young people, taking inspiration from the past to build skills for the future.

Images by JMA Photography.