We’re delighted to announce that the Geraldine Connor Foundation (GCF) has been offered a place on the two-year Heritage Compass programme.

Heritage Compass is a business support programme, funded by the National Lottery Heritage Fund, that was launched by Cause4 in 2020. The programme is designed to grow resilience and invigorate the heritage sector in England by providing training, mentoring, peer learning and strategy development support. GCF is one of 150 small-to-medium organisations taking part in the programme. Being part of this nationwide network will allow us to create new partnerships and relationships with organisations that will lead to exciting collaborations.

With support from Heritage Compass we intend to create a business plan that reflects our ambition and resilience as an organisation. We will be able to explore new ways of income generation to secure the future of GCF for the next generation.

Thank you to Cause4 and Heritage Compass – we are looking forward to working together over the next two years!