Written in collaboration between Natasha Cowie and Hannah Finnimore

Jam Around The Table is a project about getting back to basics - good music, good company and a good chat around a table. We combine mental health training with artistic musical expertise to create a series of workshops that are fun, creative, and supportive of the wellbeing of our fantastic participants. 

Since October 2021, we have run 3 sessions across 9 days for 17 for young people aged 14 - 19.

In a relaxed, open and friendly environment, it has been amazing to see the self-expression and harmony that each group has achieved through their music!

Stella in action!

Led by Creative Associate Stella Litras, the group really let their ideas flourish and confidence grow as they conceptualised and performed their own songs, poems and spoken word pieces. We began with warm up and vocal exercises, shared songs and the personal significance of them, wrote affirmations about the future and devised poetry and new songs.

At our most recent sessions we were delighted to be joined by industry professional Rob Green, who came in to give a talk on creative expression and performed some of his own work, as well as give detailed feedback on the group's work so far.

While mostly focussed on music and how it can help us manage stress and express ourselves, it was wonderful to get direct insight into the professional lives of creatives and learn more about their process. Thanks again to Stella, Rob and Denise for their contributions to Jam Around The Table!

Each participant absorbed everything from the sessions and were very generous with offering their thoughts and ideas. They offered honest and profound lyrics reflecting their feelings, and put their all into writing and performing songs, poetry and spoken word. They supported and co-created a space that was open and encouraging and by the end of the sessions, there was a wonderful communal atmosphere.

We are so proud of the artistic work, and maturity of each of our participants. Jam Around The Table is the start of something really exciting as some of the young people are taking this one step further and performing their songs at upcoming talent shows. The spirit of Jam Around The Table continues, watch this space!

This has given me more confidence and made me comfortable...I understand that I am important, that I can go out there and do things that I want to do and achieve those things

Cover image by Tony Bartholomew

Film by Ashley Karrell