Jam Around The Table took place again this February half term and is going from strength to strength, with the largest group of young people to date!

Thursday's session was hosted by Music House, and Friday's at Leeds City College in a Quarry Hill Studio. We started off with a series of affirmation prompts and the group discussed how they were relevant to their own goals and aspirations.

They then divided into musicians and lyricists, with GCF Creative Associate Leah Francis helping the first group to work on lyrics inspired by mental health struggles and empowerment, and GCF Creative Associate Stella Litras assisting the musicians with jamming to create a soundtrack to the songs. 

It's been brilliant to see familiar faces coming back to Jam Around The Table, strengthening their skills, meeting new friends and creating new opportunities for themselves and we are really excited for the project to become a holiday staple.

On Friday, we hosted a sharing - inviting parents and artists to see and hear the Jam Around The Table ensemble live. We were delighted to be joined by Councillor Abigail Marshall-Katung, who kindly spoke about her experience growing up and shared her encouragement to all involved.

Feedback from young people this half term included them feeling better able to express themselves, make new friends and a positive experience working with some of the best Leeds-based artists. 

Our thanks to Nekela Alleyne for providing excellent pastoral care across both days, and Sophie Okonkwo (Sable) as photographer. Jam Around The Table is delivered in partnership with Music House and Leeds City College.