Last Sunday, 22nd March, would have been Geraldine Connor’s 68th birthday. We asked you for memories of Geraldine and as always, it was amazing to see the influence she continues to have in the lives of those who knew her.

Geraldine Connor (1952-2011) was a theatre director, educationalist, and inspiration to many. She worked widely as a teacher, both in Trinidad and Tobago and the UK. Over three decades, she created a truly mind-boggling number of theatrical and musical productions, including her best-known work: Carnival Messiah. A radical reinvention of Handel’s Messiah performed Caribbean Carnival style, she described the production as ‘the pinnacle of my creative and artistic career’.  In 2009, she was presented with Trinidad and Tobago’s second-highest honour, the Chaconia medal (gold).

Geraldine inspired everyone that she worked with, whether a student or cast member of one of her theatre productions. Here’s what you had to say about her:

"Such a beautiful and kind woman. It was through Geraldine that I got to do TV commercials and other work." - Edmahoo 

Still inspiring me twenty years after leaving Bretton.” – Tom Cooke

"Most of the quotes I remember from Geri are unprintable! I miss Geri a lot but she still makes me smile.” – Glenn Fryatt

“Geraldine Connor set the creative bar high for me and so many artists. I will always pay homage and give thanks to this beautiful spirit. Thank you Mama G!” – Christella Litras

“Thank you Geraldine for your magic and legacy!” – Ella Mesma

Thank you to everyone who shared their memories with us.


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