Hannah is a dancer, who specialises in afro beat dance. She has been involved with the Geraldine Connor Foundation (GCF) since 2018 and has taken part several projects. Hear how GCF has helped her develop her talents…

“I have been involved in two projects, Global Mash Up, which I contributed in two years consecutively, and Represent.

During the one-week Global Mash Up projects, I enjoyed spending time with other younger aspiring artists and being able to teach them and lead them through my field of expertise, which is afro beat dance. That was fun because I was able to inspire them and lead them to acquire a new passion for dance. However, I found it challenging to teach some of younger artists who wanted to try dancing for the first time because they wanted to try something new and different and expand their talent and abilities.

During the Represent project I enjoyed being able to meet with artists who were in my age range and to see ways in which we could use our talents in the field of performing arts to express and illustrate neglected industrial narratives of people of colour. However, I found it challenging at the beginning to bring my views forward because they were clouded and I needed more information to have my ideas cleared.

We all have an expressive side and everyone will be able to discover it through GCF

After taking part in Global Mash Up for the first time, my confidence boosted up and I was able to perform in front of people better than I used to and felt confident to also share my talent with others freely without fearing to be judged. My speaking in front with others confidence has also increased and has been efficient at helping me with speaking with others more as I started college.

I have been wanting to begin my own dance group and be able to teach others how to dance. I have been successful at reaching the two goals because I was able to connect with others through GCF who share my same passion for dance and we bonded.

GCF made me realise how much I am connected with performing and other types of arts and how my talent is so versatile. I would recommend everyone to have an experience with GCF because they will discover things about themselves and discover hidden talents in the field of the arts because I believe everyone was born with a talent in the arts industry. We all have an expressive side and everyone will be able to discover it through GCF because they allow you to explore yourself and discover unconscious areas about yourself.”

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