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Q.1: What are the Caribbean's most widely spoken languages? 

A: The most widely spoken languages in the Caribbean are English, Spanish and French. 

Q.2: What is a creole language?

A: A creole language is a mixture of languages. For example, Jamaican Creole is a mixture of English words with West African grammar. 

Q.3: What do hummingbirds feed on? 

A: Hummingbirds feed on nectar and insects. 

Q.4: If you had one day off a year to have fun, what would you do? 

A: If you had one day off a year to have fun maybe you would choose to go to the beach, have a party, play football, meet up with your friends, ride a horse, go-kart, snowboard, ice-skate, visit a museum or go to the cinema. 

Q.5: What is Lent?

A: Lent is a Christian tradition. It is the 40 day period before Easter. It begins with Ash Wednesday and ends on Holy Saturday. 

Q.6: How can you find out where your nearest steel pan band is? 

A: Type in 'steel band' and the name of your town into a search engine (like Google). 

Q.7: Do you have a favourite song that makes you want to dance and sing when you hear it? 

A: Listen to some music and choose a track that makes you want to dance or feel excited. 

Q 8: Which ocean did the Moko Jumbie cross in the poem? 

A: In the poem the Moko Jumbie crossed the Atlantic Ocean. 

Q.9: How can you find your nearest carnival and get involved?

A: Go to https://www.carnevalenetwork.co.uk/index.php/en/carnival-information/2018-carnival-dates/uk-carnivals

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