Natasha Cowie - Producer

After studying at the University of Leeds, Natasha was drawn in by the local arts and culture scene. As

 well as being an Assistant Producer for the Geraldine Connor Foundation, she is a Projects and Admin Assistant for Transform Theatre Projects and Rep for SuperFriendz.

She has been actively involved in the radio community of Leeds, having produced shows for Leeds Student Radio, Alto and NARR and worked with FUN Kids radio. She has also been the Events Coordinator for the Leeds University Union Music Library and organised multiple fundraising concerts for Student Action for Refugees. 

She is passionate about the power of the arts to foster a sense of community and about improving access to them for all regardless of background or experience

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Umi Mistry - Finance Officer & Company Administrator

Umi joined the Geraldine Connor Foundation as Company Administrator is 2015 and is responsible for all the financial and administrative dealings of the Foundation. She also works part-time as a freelance administrator for another arts charity, Alchemy Anew.

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